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In 1950 Anderson’s was founded by Carlo Valenti, one of a long line of Parma leather workers. His factory quickly established a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. They developed new techniques and finishes, matched handcrafting with expert tooling, new technologies with the experienced eye.

Anderson’s belts—from the multicolour stretch belt, in hundreds of different combinations, the handmade woven tubular belt, in numerous colour variations, to traditional hand-tooled saddle leather belts, belts in suede and nappa and exotic skins—now sell across the world. They are stocked in cutting-edge independents, traditional tailors and giant department stores in over 80 different countries.

“To make the best belt requires the perfect balance of the past, your skills and identity, your heritage, personality and procedures; the present, your people and the tools they use; and the future. You have to improve and you have to improve for tomorrow. And that is pretty much what it takes to make the best of anything.”